Dear Partner in Christ;

As I sat in the last full week of Faith Tours for 2018 I reflected on how gracious God has been to us this year. As we closed out 2017 and passed the baton to our daughter as the successor of New Light Church, Apostle and I launched into a new season of ministry. Traveling and teaching faith to the body of Christ as apart of New Light’s evangelism thrust is most fulfilling.

My commitment to my daughter in this season was to remain committed to the oversight of the accounting team until at least the end of 2020 which is when I believe New Light will be debt free and operating with surplus. I am so thankful the second quarter of 2018 ended 4% better than 2017. Praise God!

As we approach the end of the third quarter of the year I want to end this third quarter stronger than we did last year! We need your prayerful response to make this happen. We are at the end of the summer and September is normally the time when vacations are over and people are back in their routine. I declared a few Sunday's ago by the Spirit of God that God would do something supernatural in the lives of the faithful. Apostle shared how God told him, God would do for others what He had done for us when we obeyed God in 1980 with a sacrificial seed that caused favor to explode over our lives.

I know God is raising up Kingdom Paymasters, like He did us, those He can trust, who will follow that inner witness to sow generously into the Kingdom of God for the return of supernatural favor on their lives. I am appealing to our partners and friends to help us keep the “increase” momentum going. Before you shut down this email and say God is not speaking to you I am asking you to hear my heart. I have never felt as impressed of God to write to you as I’m doing now.

While in prayer today, God spoke to me to write our partners and friends and ask them to sow a seed of $134, $234, $340, $1,034, $2,034, $3,400 or any seed with $34 in it by September 30th in honor of the 34 years of amazing ministry and our 34 Days of Consecration. I know if you will obey God at the level of giving He speaks to your heart you will see an exceptional notable increase. As you sow your "34 Strong Seed", Apostle and I agree that God will do something supernatural in your life in the next 34 days. That means you can mark your calendar and live in daily expectation from now until October 31, 2018, that God will do something supernatural in your life just to encourage your faith. I am in daily expectation of the testimonies that you will send back as a result of this seed you sow today. Click the link below or go to Givelify and sow your seed under where it says 34 Strong. We believe as you help us close out this 3rd Quarter Strong you will close out 2018 strong!

I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

Pastor Bridget Hilliard